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Original Brown Rice Coffee
Why not have your purchase personalized?

Brown Rice Coffee is produced by a slow and careful far-infrared roasting method, and being caffeine-free makes it a perfect fit for our modern, health-conscious society. With this in mind, why not have us make an original product for your shop or company?

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Small orders available
Ideal for small businesses

Brown Rice Coffee is a perfect product for retailers dealing in handmade merchandise and local produce.

Caffeine-free coffee makes a great addition to a restaurant's regular menu, especially for customers who are pregnant or wanting to avoid caffeine.

It is also an exciting new product for rice farmers with online sales businesses.

Making small orders possible

Brown Rice Coffee is hand-roasted in 60kg batches, producing 140 units of 300g drip coffee, enabling customers to make small orders from any number of individual roasting cycles.

Beginning with raw materials

Only the finest brown rice is sourced and supplied to make Brown Rice Coffee. Each batch supplied has its own unique characteristics, producing slightly different aromas and flavors. We pride ourselves on being able to offer clear explanations and advice to customers regarding the best raw materials to suit their needs.

Original Brown Rice Coffee

The Brown Rice Coffee production process offers a wide variety of options to customers. Firstly, choose the serving style of the final product, from tetra tea bags, granules, or drip type, then everything from roasting temperature, depth of roast, and grinding. Finally, your original Brown Rice Coffee will be given the finishing touches with your own company logo or name personalized on the packaging.

Please don't hesitate to contact us
with any enquiries.

Skills and experience drawn from Wakansoucha (Japanese-Chinese Medicinal Herbal Tea)
Safety guaranteed

Kurohime-Wakanyaku Kenkyujyo proudly produces Brown Rice Coffee. For generations, our flagship product 'Enmeicha' has been a much-loved staple amongst Japanese people. Our company operates according to our own in-house production, sales, OEM, and quality control guidelines. Under our Food Hygiene Management System, product safety is guaranteed.
Accurately evaluating raw materials and controlling processing temperatures and humidity in order to produce a deeper flavored Brown Rice Coffee, is down to the skills and experience long drawn from 'wakansoucha'.